J. Lo’s Cocaine Godmother HBO Offering Lands A ‘Sopranos’ Veteran As Its Writer

Jennifer Lopez will be moving enormous amounts of cocaine in the near future and she could use a bit of help. That’s where Terence Winter comes in.

As previously reported, J. Lo will be executive producing and starring in an HBO film covering the life of notorious drug trafficker Griselda Blanco. Now the project has landed a writer in Terrence Winter who has more than a smidge of Home Box Office experience. Winter served as a creator and showrunner for Boardwalk Empire (crime credentials!) and Vinyl (drug credentials!), while also penning and producing tons of Sopranos episodes. Vinyl wasn’t for everybody, but Winter certainly has an impressive HBO résumé to boast about, plus he once wrote an episode of Xena which is also a neat accomplishment.

No premiere date has been set for J. Lo’s shift into J. Yayo, although we’re sure that will tumble out as more key pieces and positions get sorted out. Speaking of things in the on deck circle, Winter addressed where he might go next in TV at a Writers Guild Foundation event earlier this week.

“I think some type of short anthology show would be really interesting to do or maybe a comedic anthology,” said Winter reports Deadline. “I know other people who are working of stuff like this; that’s interesting to me. I keep going back to the idea of doing something autobiographical, but I’m a little too close to my own life to step away and see it as a story; maybe it is.”

(Via Deadline)