Jerry Bruckheimer Just Tweeted Something That Has Us Foaming For ‘Top Gun 2’


If you’ll direct your attention to the top of the page, you’ll see a tweet from producer extraordinaire Jerry Bruckheimer. (Yes, we’re also stunned JerBru has a Twitter account. It’s filled with the sort of stuff you’d expect him to tweet about.) You’ll notice that the accompanying photo features Bruckheimer, champion smiler Tom Cruise and a tidbit about a certain highly anticipated movie sequel.

We’re not entirely sure how deep and detailed Bruckheimer and Cruise’s talk about a Top Gun sequel was, but we’re just happy to see any form of progress for the project. Cruise seems game if they’re using real jets, Val Kilmer has expressed interest in returning and Skydance Productions has already talked about what’s in the script. It’s hard to read Bruckheimer’s tweet as anything other than forward progress.

Two key behind-the-scenes players from the original film will obviously not be participating in the potential sequel. Top Gun helmer Tony Scott committed suicide in 2012, and producer Don Simpson was found dead in his home in 1996.

This has been your proximity to the danger zone update for the day. We look forward to having more updates as/if they develop. For now, please enjoy these Swedes that are also very into Top Gun.

(via Variety)