John Carpenter Wasn’t The Biggest Fan Of ‘Barbie’ (Or Allan), But He Loved Margot Robbie’s Performance

John Carpenter has directed some of the greatest horror films of all-time. Halloween. The Thing. They Live — all classics! But he doesn’t go to the movie theater that much these days. Carpenter did, however, see Barbie at home.

What did the Horror Master think of it?

“I watched Barbie. I can’t believe I watched Barbie,” Carpenter told the Los Angeles Times. “It’s just not my generation. I had nothing to do with Barbie dolls. I didn’t know who Allan was.” He then laid out his main issue with Barbie. “I mean, I can sum it up. She says, ‘I don’t have a vagina,’ and then at the end, ‘I’m going to go to a gynecologist!’ That’s the movie to me,” he said. “I mean, there’s a patriarchy business in there, but I missed that whole thing. Right over my head. But I think she’s fabulous, Margot Robbie.”

From John Carpenter, that’s basically a five-star review.

It’s been 13 years since Carpenter has directed a movie, and he spends most of his free time watching basketball, making music, and playing video games (the perfect life, honestly). But if he wants to come out of semi-retirement and make a movie with Margot Robbie, I will personally finance it. Or at least supply the chips for catering.

(Via the Los Angeles Times)