‘John Wick: Chapter Three’ Has An Official Release Date That Proves Its Box Office Clout

As invested as fans get in multi-picture spanning epics like Star Wars and The Avengers, sometimes scaling down the scope and focusing on something a little more original. Franchise fatigue is very real, and the reaction against the traditional tentpoles made the bloody and wildly entertaining John Wick was one of the box office surprises of 2014, grossing $88 million worldwide.

While that in turn earned it a sequel, John Wick: Chapter Two managed to recapture the magic of the first installment and managed to garner an even larger box office take with $171 million globally. Keanu Reeves reminded film fans of his ability to be a compelling action star, and it looks like Lionsgate is putting faith in the franchise to join the blockbuster big leagues.

An official release date for John Wick: Chapter Three has been announced, and it shows that the studio has faith in the little franchise that could. Chapter Three will be hitting theaters on May 17, 2019, kicking off the summer season for that year. The first two installments were released in October and February respectively, two relatively low stakes months for release. With a sparkly summer release date, John Wick is proof that people love and will show up for an original story (especially if it looks extra cool with Nerf guns).

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)