A Depp V. Heard Juror Gave Some Insight Into Their Decision Process Behind The Trial’s Stunning Verdict

As the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial continues to dominate headlines, one of the jurors has opened up to Good Morning America about the decision process behind the stunning verdict that found Heard to have defamed her ex-husband. Despite Heard’s allegations of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, the jury wasn’t swayed by her retelling of events on the stand. The anonymous male juror said that, ultimately, the decision was reached by the group, who believed that Heard was the “aggressor” during her marriage to Depp.

Via The Daily Beast:

“The crying, the facial expressions that she had, the staring at the jury—all of us were very uncomfortable,” the juror told ABC. “She would answer one question and she would be crying and then two seconds later she would turn ice cold… Some of us used the expression ‘crocodile tears.’”

The anonymous juror went on to reveal that the jury, comprised of five men and two women, did feel that Heard and Depp were “abusive to each other,” but it didn’t “rise to the level of what she was claiming.”

There was also the issue of Heard claiming she donated all of her divorce settlement to charity. During the trial, it was revealed that she has yet to fulfill the obligation. (Heard has claimed she’s been unable to complete the donation after being hit with legal fees from Depp suing her for defamation.) According to the juror, the situation was a “fiasco” that hurt Heard’s credibility.

“She goes on a talk show in the U.K. The video shows her sitting there telling the host that she gave all that money away, and the terms she used in that video clip were, ‘I gave it away,’ ‘I donated it,’ ‘It’s gone,’ but the fact is she didn’t give much of it away at all,” the juror told GMA.

(Via Good Morning America)