Johnny Knoxville Was Injured More While Filming ‘Action Point’ Than Any Movie He’s Ever Done

Johnny Knoxville has spent over 15 years as a Jackass, putting himself in the worst danger possible all in the name of a good laugh. His jolly gang of miscreants and gluttons for punishment have spread out since the third movie, but Knoxville found a hybrid movie/Jackass formula with Bad Grandpa that blends his real, insane stunts within a traditional film structure, and it’s working out well for him. His latest is Action Point, based on the real-life Action Park, which featured a horrifying cornucopia of dangerous and not-to-code rides that left plenty missing teeth and with broken bones. Same with Knoxville.

The dangers of the park and the filming were so real, Knoxville was effectively pounded into mush more than he would be on a Jackass shoot. Speaking to New York magazine’s David Edelstein at the 2018 Vulture Festival, Knoxville listed his many injuries, including a popped-out eyeball.

“I got hurt more on this film than any film I’ve ever done,” he said, “I got four concussions, broke my wrist, busted my knee, got stitches, whiplash, uh, lost two and half teeth. Once I got home from the emergency room after one bad concussion … I had blood in my nose so I blew my nose and when I did, my left eye popped out of the socket. They say I didn’t break it, it disappeared on impact, so when I was blowing my nose I was blowing air around my eyeball pushing it out.”

Knoxville went on to answer the oft-asked question about when another Jackass reunion would happen, and he didn’t rule it out, but he thinks they need to “probably bring in some younger guys too to kind of pass the torch.”

(Via Vulture)