Johnny Knoxville And Steve-O Have Already Been Hospitalized, Mere Days After Starting ‘Jackass 4’

It’s been 10 years since Jackass 3-D, the daredevil stunt team’s third cinematic masterpiece, and at the time the gang was already getting up in years. In fact, the threequel was something like a farewell to them utterly destroying their bodies in inventively foolhardy ways. Yet here they are, two days into filming their long threatened Jackass 4. And according to CinemaBlend, Johnny Knoxville, age 49, and Steve-O, age 46, have already been hospitalized.

The news was broken by Bam Margera, who’s “only” 41, on his website. In a video recorded in a hospital waiting room, Margera said Knoxville and Steve-O got hurt by “jumping on a full-speed treadmill with band equipment.” And by band equipment, he meant “a f*cking tuba.” But the injuries didn’t seem to get Margera down. He flashed a devil’s sign gesture and said, “Rock n’ roll,” then showed off some scars he’d received in what is presumably another, non-tuba-related stunt.

This is far from the first time any of the Jackass team, whose original show debuted on MTV 20 years ago this past October, have really hurt themselves. It would almost be a letdown if someone didn’t get hospitalized. Of course, injuring yourself in a tuba-treadmill incident is a bit different when you’re in your twenties than it is when you’re pushing half a century, as Knoxville is. Still, Tom Cruise almost kills himself to entertain us, and he’s nearing 60. Maybe they should team up — although surely even Johnny Knoxville knows enough not to put his life in the hands of Elon Musk.

(Via CinemaBlend)