Report: ‘Joker’ Movie Set Extras Were Allegedly Forced To Urinate In The NYC Subway


Joker, the upcoming Todd Phillips movie starring Joaquin Phoenix as the titular Joker, has been filming in New York City. Filming in NYC was bound to result in some leaks, but it wasn’t supposed to be like this.

According to a TMZ report, earlier this week extras on the set of the movie had to call SAG after they were trapped on a New York City subway car for more than 3-hours. It got so bad that people were allegedly relieving themselves on the tracks between the cars.

Via TMZ:

Sources on set tell TMZ … extras for the movie were filming a scene in a Brooklyn subway station and they were locked in a train car and denied their break after 2 hours of work … leading to a sticky situation.

The extras started banging on the subway doors asking to be let out because people needed to use the bathroom, but they were kept inside and eventually resorted to pissing on the tracks through the small spaces between cars.

That’s right. Urine has been introduced into the New York City subway system for the first time ever. Who knows what else Todd Phillips is capable of. SAG reportedly sent someone to look into the situation and from here on out someone will basically make sure that if Phillips does decide to lock a bunch of people up somewhere, it will be for no longer than two hours at a time. Progress.