Joaquin Phoenix Hints That He Would Be Game For A ‘Joker’ Sequel With Todd Phillips

Before the many, many public relations controversies regarding Joker began flaring up, director Todd Phillips indicated in an early interview that he was willing to do a sequel if star Joaquin Phoenix was. Well, considering the movie’s opening weekend box office and the sheer amount of press it’s been getting, it sounds like Phoenix is interested in the possibility. At least, that’s what he said on a recent episode of Popcorn with Peter Travers.

Per The Playlist, Phoenix himself introduced the topic in a roundabout way while explaining why he thought the part of Arthur Fleck was a “dream role” for him:

“You know, I wouldn’t have thought about this as my dream role. But now, honestly, I can’t stop thinking about it,” admitted Phoenix. “I talked to Todd a lot about what else we might be able to do, in general, just to work together, but also specifically, if there’s something else we can do with Joker that might be interesting. So, it ended up being a dream role. It’s nothing that I really wanted to do prior to working on this movie.”

When Travers pushed the point further, Phoenix admitted he didn’t actually “know that there is” more to do after Joker but left the possibility open regardless. “Me and Todd would still be shooting now if we could, right?” he added. “Because it seemed endless, the possibilities of where we can go with the character.”

You can watch Travers’ entire interview with Phoenix below.

(Via The Playlist)