Julia Fox Has A Perfectly Valid Explanation For Her Bizarre Pronunciation Of ‘Uncut Gems’

Before she started dating (and later, broke up with) Kanye West, Julia Fox was in Uncut Gems. It was a “crown jewel” performance in a great movie (I am still angry Adam Sandler wasn’t nominated for an Academy Award), especially for someone making their feature film debut. But Fox had a history with New York-based directors and co-writers Josh and Benny Safdie, who partially based the character of, well, Julia on her.

Uncut Gems is back in the news not only because we should always be talking about Uncut Gems, but also: during an interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Fox had an inexplicable pronunciation of the film’s title. Prepare to watch this clip at least 15 times.

After Unka Jamz (?) became a TikTok trend, Fox commented on the clip, writing, “Omggggg, I was stoned, leave me alone!!!! Hahahahahah.” It’s too bad the Weeknd already released an album this year: “UNCLE JAMS” (??) could be his next hit single.

As for Fox, on top of continuing her acting career, she would like to step behind the camera, too. “My dad always told me that I should have been an actress, but that wasn’t really my main focus,” she told Interview Magazine. “I really love to be the director, the person in charge, making my fantasy come to life. But if I love someone else’s fantasy, I’ll definitely help them bring theirs to life, too.” Until then, I’m going to watch this again:

(Via E! Online)