The Rock And Emily Blunt Are Unbelievably Charming In The First ‘Jungle Cruise’ Teaser

When Disney announced that they would be making a film based on the famous Disney World ride Jungle Cruise, everyone had collective horrific flashbacks to the later entries of Pirates Of The Caribbean. As Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt were added to the cast, a cautious optimism crept in, because even if The Rock occasionally makes pretty terrible movies, they are almost always fun.

On Tuesday, Disney announced that Jungle Cruise had officially started production, and released a ridiculously charming promo starring Johnson and Blunt. If they wanted to get people onboard, this was absolutely the way to do it. With some lighthearted bickering and references to other classic couples who get lost in the jungle, this teaser cemented Jungle Cruise onto the must-watch list, with or without MoviePass. If Jungle Cruise is supposed to have Romancing The Stone vibes, consider us signed up.

Honestly, my only questions regard Johnson’s outfit: Why is his hat so terrible? Why are his suspenders so wide? I suppose these and any other questions that pop up will be answered in October 2019.