‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Cut A Scene With A Lesbian Reveal Due To Time Contraints

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which finally stomps into American theaters this Friday after dominating the international box office for weeks, looks to be yet another enjoyable chapter in the Jurassic Park franchise’s elongated life. Based on the sheer amount of money it’s projected to make, the Jurassic World sequel will likely pave the way for at least one more film in the new trilogy. Even so, before the movie has even graced a single U.S. screen, it already faces a running-in-high-heels-esque controversy thanks to a new character’s cut line of dialogue.

According to Yahoo! Entertainment, franchise newcomer Daniella Pineda (The Detour, The Originals) revealed during an interview with Build that her character, the paleo-veterinarian Dr. Zia Rodriguez, is supposed to be a lesbian. However, the scene in which Rodriguez revealed this particular facet was ultimately cut by director J.A. Bayona and co-writer/producer Colin Trevorrow out of concerns for the film’s runtime:

But before the action kicks in, Owen and Zia are still in the “getting to know you” phase, so the paleo-veterinarian takes a moment to size up the ex-raptor trainer. “I look at Chris and I’m like: ‘Yeah, square jaw, good bone structure, tall, muscles,'” Pineda remembers. “‘I don’t date men, but if I did, it would be you. It would gross me out, but I’d do it.’ I love that I’m looking at Chris Pratt, the hottest guy in the world, and I’m like, ‘It would gross me out, but I guess I would do it!’ It was also cool, because it was a little insight into my character. But they cut it.”

Pineda noted that it was Bayona and Trevorrow’s idea originally to include the line in the first place, but they agreed to cut it out due to time constraints. “Originally the cut was two hours and 40 minutes, and they were like, ‘This is too long,'” she said, adding the scene wasn’t “relevant to the story” although it provided “a little glimmer into who she is.”

The revelation qualifies Fallen Kingdom for a steadily growing list of recent films that were reportedly supposed to include LGBTQ representations among their larger roles, but didn’t. Among the more notable examples are Tessa Thompson’s Valkrie in Thor: Ragnarok and Donald Glover’s Lando in Solo.

(Via Yahoo! Entertainment)