Ben Affleck Reveals A Major DC Villain Who Might Be Fighting The Justice League

The DC Extended Universe is expanding rapidly, giving all sorts of characters their first shot at movie screens. And it turns out that one that’s been hugely popular with fans for years but never quite gotten his shot on screens will be coming soon.

Shot off what appears to be a camera monitor on a green screen set, Affleck’s footage speaks for itself:

Comics fans and Arrow viewers already know who that is, but for the unfamiliar, this is Deathstroke. In DC comics, Deathstroke is the mercenary Slade Wilson, who has increased strength, speed, reflexes, and endurance thanks to an experimental military serum, and enhanced by his custom armor that can take anything short of a rocket blast. Deathstroke will work for whoever pays him, hero or villain, and he’s not terribly picky about the morality of his jobs: He could be saving orphanages one day and blowing them up the next, depending on who sends the check and whether it clears. Sharp-eyed viewers might notice he and Deadpool share many of the same characteristics, which is not a coincidence.

As for where he’s going to turn up, it’s not entirely clear, and the background, which appears to be some kind of cargo plane, doesn’t offer many clues. But it’s worth noting that Justice League is still filming, and that Ben Affleck has a solo Batman movie in the works. Don’t be surprised, though, if Deathstroke turns out to be just heroic enough to earn his own solo movie.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)