Keanu Reeves May Be Crashing The Female-Centric ‘John Wick’ Spinoff ‘Ballerina,’ If Only For An Appearance

The John Wick franchise began with a simple premise: What if a retired assassin killed everyone because someone murdered his dog? From these humble origins has sprung some increasingly byzantine worldbuilding, yielding not only numerous sequels but two in-the-works spinoffs. One of them, the female-centric Ballerina, just added franchise regular Ian McShane to the mix. But while they’re at it, they might just add star Keanu Reeves as well, even if just for a bit.

As per Variety, Reeves is in talks to make what may only be an appearance in Ballerina, which stars Ana de Armas as a young female assassin seeking revenge upon those who killed her family. (Real heads may recall that de Armas helped gleefully torture Reeves in Eli Roth’s 2015 film Knock Knock.)

Reeves’ involvement in Ballerina has not yet been finalized, but at least it’s a done deal for McShane, who was there from the start as Winston, the debonair manager of the assassin friendly hotel The Continental (which is also getting its own spinoff, albeit as a series). Details about the film’s plot are scant, but McShane — beloved for charming but rogueish antique dealer Lovejoy and cuss-happy Old West entrepreneur Al Swearengen on Deadwood — is said to play a “pivotal” role in whatever violent tomfoolery is afoot.

Again, Reeves’ Ballerinas involvement may be minimal, which at least ought to be good news for Matthew Perry.

(Via Variety)