Keke Palmer Made Marvel Fan-Casters’ Dreams Come True With Her ‘X-Men’ Halloween Costume

If Keke Palmer is angling for a role in Marvel’s reboot of the X-Men, the Nope star just came out swinging hard. For this year’s Halloween costume, Palmer dressed up as Rogue, and she showed off the end product in a set of stunning photos that would look right at home in a Marvel movie. Palmer went for Rogue’s classic look from the comics, which has been all the rage in the MCU lately. She even threw in an homage to the X-Men’s original costumes from the ’60s for a particularly eye-popping and nerdy touch.

Palmer also dropped a hilarious video where she couldn’t help but make a joke about “going Rogue” on some ass. More importantly, she nailed Rogue’s southern accent and her “Sorry, sugar” line delivery sounds right out of the ’90s animated series.

Palmer also shared her Rogue costume on Twitter where Marvel fans went freaking bananas. It didn’t take long before people starting demanding that Kevin Feige cast Palmer as the iconic mutant because she clearly has the looks for the part and the acting chops. Palmer recently crushed it in Nope, so she’s ready for some more blockbuster action.

Anna Paquin played Rogue in the original X-Men movies, but due to rights issues, that interpretation of the character had to stray away from the source of Rogue’s powers. In the comics, she gained her strength and flying ability by absorbing Captain Marvel‘s powers, so it’ll be interesting to see if the MCU goes that route now that it has all the Marvel characters under one roof and a fantastic Keke Palmer waiting in the wings.

(Via Keke Palmer on Instagram)