Kevin Smith Criticized A Weight Loss Ad For Using His Infamous ‘Jorts’ Image Without Permission

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Following his “massive” heart attack last year, Kevin Smith lost over 50 pounds and became an ambassador for Weight Watchers. He did not, however, do Keto, despite what an online advertisement claims. The Jay and Silent Bob Reboot director and star took to his Instagram to call out a fake ad, showing before-and-after images of Smith, that ultimately leads to a phishing website.

“PHISHING PHUCKERS! This image and the click-through link is being posted to folks’ [Facebook] pages WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! The link attached to the stolen image that I posted on [Instagram] last year leads to a phishing site, so DO NOT CLICK! This ad is pure bullshit,” he wrote. “I never did Keto: to lose weight after my heart attack, I went Vegan and then joined [Weight Watchers].”

The ad attributes a quote to Smith — “No, I didn’t need to exercise every day. I’ve always liked to jog every few days, but I didn’t. The only thing I did was took these pills” — which, as he notes, is grammatically incorrect and “fabricated as I’ve *never* jogged and the only pills I take are heart-related prescriptions mandated by my cardiologist… Don’t believe anybody trying to sell you on a weight loss pill, whether using my image and a fake pull quote or not.” Smith compared his experience to when Homer Simpson “found that Mr. Sparkle box.”

To be fair to the fake ad (see it here), at least it picked an iconic image.

(Via Instagram)