Rian Johnson Has Revealed The Official Title For The ‘Knives Out’ Sequel And Teases Benoit Blanc’s Return

Rian Johnson has unveiled the official title for his highly anticipated follow-up to Knives Out, which until now, has simply gone by Knives Out 2. The sequel, which is the first of two greenlit by Netflix for a hefty sum, will see Daniel Craig return to the detective role of Benoit Blanc. As for a release date, Netflix and Johnson are still keeping that one a mystery, but the title teaser does hint that the sequel will arrive this Holiday season. More importantly, the title.

“Benoit Blanc’s next case, the follow up to Knives Out, is called GLASS ONION,” Johnson tweeted on Monday along with a look at the film’s logo touting it as “A Knives Out Mystery.”

In addition to Craig, Glass Onion is packing one hell of a cast. Seriously, check out this killer’s row of talent: Edward Norton, Ethan Hawke, Kate Hudson, Janelle Monae, Kathryn Hahn, Jessica Henwick, Leslie Odom Jr., and Dave Bautista. That should more than make up for the lack of Chris Evans wearing sweaters, or at least act as a consolation prize. Your mileage may vary.

While Glass Onion is set to stream on Netflix later this year, there has been talk of a theatrical release. Following news of financial trouble as the streamer experiences a loss of subscribers, Bloomberg reported that Netflix has been weighing putting the Knives Out sequel in theaters for 45 days to recoup some of the production cost before streaming it to its million of subscribers. As for how well that would work considering audiences are aware they can stream the film at home this holiday season, remains to be seen.

That said, it could be an interesting move to see if Netflix’s Originals really do have box office clout or not, and with its stacked cast, Glass Onion seems like a good enough film to test that theory.

(Via Rian Johnson on Twitter)