Kumail Nanjiani’s Ripped Bod Pictures Got Him A Free Ten-Year Subscription To Pornhub

The internet had one of their meltdowns after Kumail Nanjiani, formerly just the mild-mannered guy from Silicon Valley and The Big Sick, revealed that he got nice and ripped to co-star in Marvel’s The Eternals. Even Pornhub got in on the action, tweeting a joke image of him as the new face of their “Muscular Men” category. But the the internet’s top site for all things blue went one further: On a recent appearance on Conan, he revealed the site gifted him with a free ten-year subscription.

As caught by Entertainment Weekly, Conan O’Brien couldn’t bringing up the photo, and was likely surprised by his guest’s answer. Nanjiani then informed people, who may not have an actual Pornhub subscription, what it’s like to go Premium.

“I will say, because people are like, ‘Why do you need to pay for porn?’ — and I don’t, I do not work for Pornhub, they have not paid me to say this — you have access to a whole new world,” Nanjiani said. “Free porn is good but when you go to Premium… I could develop fetishes, crazy ones over the next 10 years and I know I’ll be taken care of.”

O’Brien then asked if his journeys amongst the wide-open spaces of Pornhub Premium yielded any surprising fetishes. To which Nanjiani replied, “If I have to explain it to you, you wouldn’t understand.”

Nanjiani also described what it’s like to go through life with a six-pack. His answer was humbled. “These muscles are decorative,” Nanjiani said. “They don’t really do anything. [My wife] Emily [Gordon] will be like, ‘Can you open this jar for me?’ And I’m like, ‘Probably not!’”

He also revealed that people have not become afraid of him now that he was ostentatious muscles, and with good reason: His voice remains ever-so-slightly high-pitched “One guy was like, ‘I wish his voice would get a six-pack.’” Yeah, but who’s the one with ten years’ worth of free, weird porn?

You can watch the full interview above.

(Via EW)