‘Arrow’ Co-Creator Greg Berlanti Will Reopen The WB’s ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’

Audrey II is ready to feast once again. We imagine she’ll look a bit different this go-around see as it’s the 21st century and all.

Deadline reports that the film/musical/plant fetish awakening hub Little Shop of Horrors is getting its long-discussed cinematic update complete with a director and writer attached to the project. In an intriguing move for this particular revamp of a revamp, Warner Bros. has tapped Eli Stone co-creator Greg Berlanti to direct. Berlanti’s big screen resume isn’t exactly sparkling (writing credits for Green Lantern and Wrath of the Titans ahoy!), but he’s been essential in developing/writing/producing the ever-swelling DC Comics output at The CW. As long as there are no green rings lurking about in the new Shop, we have ample reason to be intrigued and optimistic.

This seems like as good of a time as any to start wildly speculating about how the musical numbers are going to be handled with this project. Will it be a largely faithful update or an opportunity to take tales of plant-on-man carnage into new musical terrain? Also, who will trusted to usher the Menken-Ashman tunes into a new age? Also, would it be tacky for this writing chimp to openly campaign for Asa Taccone to be involved? It would be? Our mistake. A target release window for the film hasn’t tumbled out just yet so there’s loads of time to determine these sorts of things.

Does this news spark any feelings or songs in your heart? Also, are you happy this pretty much obliterates any chance of a Little Shop live network TV special for at least the next half-decade? Provide your verdict/s in the comments.

(Via Deadline)