Maybe Ryan Reynolds Won’t Be Showing Up In ‘Logan’ As Deadpool After All

Wolverine is apparently too tied up with his own R-rated wheelings and dealings to rub blood-splattered elbows with Deadpool in 2017. At least, that’s how things are sounding after a report stating Ryan Reynolds had filmed a cameo for 2017’s Logan was met with an avalanche of denials.

Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and Logan director James Mangold all shot down talk of the Merc with a Mouth™ drop-in on Twitter. Bummer news for shippers and Reynolds’ goal checklist, but maybe the right call if the tone isn’t quite a match.

Entertainment Weekly‘s update on the apparently no-go cameo seems to snuff out the possibility that the denial is just a sneaky stealth way to keep a Deadpool sighting under wraps. “A source familiar with the film tells EW that Deadpool is not in Logan, nor will he appear in a post-credits scene,” notes the outlet.

In news of a more definitive sort, Logan now has a snazzy new poster that doesn’t look all that far removed from a “Mel Gibson is grizzled and ready for action” style motion picture. Logan can be witnessed in its snarly glory when it premieres on March 3, 2017. Please bring a notepad to the theater so you can track you thoughts on if Deadpool would be a welcome addition to the proceedings.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)