Lupita Nyong’o Reprises Her Horrifying ‘Us’ Role For Some Halloween Fun

Sketch comedy maestro turned acclaimed horror director Jordan Peele will probably endeavor for much of his career to overcome the huge success that Get Out was for him. Even so, his followup earlier this year, Us, managed to frighten audiences and tease critics about the possibility of auteurism in the age of streaming. Regardless of what lay moviegoers and reviewers had to say about the film as a whole, it was actress Lupita Nyong’o’s work as Adelaide and her murderous doppelganger Red that struck the loudest chords.

Which is probably why Nyong’o’s decision to reprise the red jumpsuit-wearing, scissors-using villain for Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights was such a good, fun idea. Per the YouTube upload’s official description:

Lupita Nyong’o returns to the tethered world of Jordan Peele’s Us at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2019. After screaming her way through the Us maze, she reprises her role as Red surprising unsuspecting guests.

According to Entertainment Weekly, much of the aforementioned “Us maze” took its cues “from the underground tunnels that stretch across America” in the film. So, if you’re interested in checking it out, tickets are still on sale for Horror Nights through November 3 here. Though don’t count on Nyong’o making another surprise appearance whenever you make your way through Red’s portion of the maze.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)