The ‘Black And Chrome’ Version Of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Will Finally Be Available On Blu-Ray

Finally. If you are like most of us, you’ve wanted to die historic on the fury road all shiny and chrome the way that George Miller enjoys watching Mad Max: Fury Road, you are finally in luck. The carrot of a black and white version of 2015’s amazing, high-octane return to the wastelands of post-apocalyptic Australia with the dark, brooding Max Rockatansky, will finally be released on blu-ray for all of us war boys and girls who have been salivating at the idea of witnessing the film through a different color palate.

No matter how you view Fury Road it looks amazing, even without special effects, but now we learn that yes, Black & Chrome will officially be released, says /Film. So, for those of us who are awaited in Valhalla, the wait for this version of Mad Max: Fury Road is finally over come December 6th when a new blu-ray is released, containing both the theatrical version as well as the Black & Chrome version. It will be sold as a standalone blu-ray, or sold inside of the Mad Max High-Octane Collection, which features all four movies with five hours of extras, including a previously-unreleased documentary about the filming of the original Mad Max.

It’s difficult not to get excited over this, even this fan-made trailer in black & white is exciting and new feeling. While the super-saturated feel of the original film was incredible, the nuance of it in black & white is undeniable.

The Mad Max High-Octane Collection will be selling for $79.99 on blu-ray and the standalone Fury Road blu-ray will be $29.98. If, for some odd reason, you don’t already own the previous Mad Max movies on blu-ray, this seems like the way to go, but then again, why don’t you?

(Via /Film)