Mark Hamill Relentlessly Trolls Trump In A New Ad For The Biden-Harris Ticket

Even among the many in Hollywood who don’t like Donald Trump, Mark Hamill really dislikes Donald Trump. He’s not been afraid to lay into the president on a regular basis; on multiple occasions he’s even read his tweets in his beloved, sinister Joker voice. It was probably inevitable that Hamill would stump for Trump’s rivals on the Biden-Harris ticket. Sure enough, his video for the pair, released just under a week before Election Day, went above and beyond.

“I don’t know about you but after four years of this administration, I’m exhausted,” the onetime (and, who knows, probably future, in some fashion) Luke Skywalker begins, letting out a bone-weary “Oy.” Hamill then sets himself up with a masochistic project: He’ll watch some Trump videos and respond to them in real time.

Hamill covers all (well, at least many) of the president’s most recent Greatest Hits. We see Trump refusing to commit to a peaceful transition of power. We have Trump claiming he has a replacement for the Affordable Care Act ready — he just can’t tell us about any details, which definitely exist. We have Trump saying COVID-19, which he once said will go away when it gets hotter, will now go away as it gets cooler. We have Trump avoiding responsibility for the dissolution of the coronavirus task force, playing dumb.

And throughout it all Hamill fact-checks him, calling out his lies, calling out his un-fitness for the office he’s held for nearly four years. “This guy couldn’t be the president of the PTA,” he tells the camera. “He is easily the worst president ever.”

But he ends with another new hope: “Voting is going on right now, and everything is on the ballot,” he says, alluding to the shocking number of people who have voted early, either by absentee ballot or by waiting in horrifyingly long lines at early voting centers. “I am very hopeful that he will be out of office come January 20. That’s all I want for Christmas.” It’s not Michael Keaton channeling Batman to get out the vote, but it’s definitely something.

You can watch the full video in the tweet above.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)