McLovin From ‘Superbad’ Would Be Celebrating A Birthday Today, And People Are Marking The Occasion

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Superbad, one of the seminal teen comedies of the aughts and the film that effectively launched the careers of Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, and — to an lesser extent — Christopher Mintz-Plasse, turns 12 this year. We only say to “an extent” because despite the fact that Mintz-Plasse (now almost 30 years old) has had a moderately successful career, to this day he is still best known as the character of “McLovin.”

“McLovin,” of course, was the alter ego of Seth and Evan’s (Hill and Michael Cera) friend Fogell, who gets a dubious fake ID that identifies himself as a 25-year-old Hawaiian organ donor who doesn’t have a first and last name. And while the film and Mintz-Plasse may be 12 and 30, respectively, McLovin turns the big 3-8 today!

(We should add that to his credit, Mintz-Plasse has a good sense of humor as forever being identified with the character, because not everyone would be so cool with having “McLovin” yelled at them pretty much every single day of their lives.)

At any rate — yes, the birth date listed on the fake ID is listed as June 3, 1981, which technically makes it McLovin’s birthday today — or in other words, McLovin Day! (And don’t forget — we came this close to it being Mohamed Day.) As such, many have taken to Twitter to wishing McLovin the happiest of birthdays.

And of course, McLovin also got a shout-out from Superbad co-creator Seth Rogen:

As McLovin now begins his slow crawl to 40, on the bright side, he is finally, definitely old enough to party.