Jason Statham Takes Ass Kicking To Ridiculous New Heights In The ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’ Trailer

Why wait for a Spy sequel when you can see what’s playing in the head of Rick Ford at all times? Jason Statham‘s Spy alter-ego would likely be over the moon the moment he came in contact with the freshly released trailer for the bonkers-looking action offering Mechanic: Resurrection.

The upcoming film, which features the Hanna-Barbara drawn Brit returning to the Arthur Bishop role from the 2011 offering, approaches amazing levels of ass-kickery with little regard for such minor concepts as “rules” or “logic.” Who needs that when you’ve got Statham DESTROYING THE BOTTOM OF A RICH GUY’S SKYSCRAPER POOL TO SEND THAT TURD TO HIS DEATH? If this preview is anything to go by, Mechanic: Resurrection will be in the Transporter 2 tier of awesome insanity.

Mechanic: Resurrection takes place after Statham’s character retires from the contract killer biz, but gosh darn it, it just seems like he’s been roped back in. Arthur Bishop’s knack for making deaths look like accidents/elaborate action movie sequences makes him very valuable to people that need an assassination taken care of. Nefarious circumstances force him back into mechanic-ing people and Tommy Lee Jones has a friggin’ soul patch for some reason. Not a complaint. More of an endorsement, really. Jessica Alba also pops up in the sequel and appears to be wearing a bikini for a good chunk of film. Sadly, she does not have a goofy soul patch for extra flair.

Gaze upon this enchanting madness by checking out the trailer located at the top of the screen. Mechanic: Resurrection will arrive in theaters on August 26. Now get to work on Crank 3, Hollywood!