Mel Gibson Describes His Relationship With Hollywood Using Only One Word: ‘Survival’

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When it comes to Mel Gibson, it is probably safe to say that most of us have a pretty complicated relationship with him, even from afar. Mel Gibson was Max Rockatansky — Mad Max which is one of the most beloved action series of all time. Gibson over the years has had some weird meltdowns and even took it upon himself to spread the word of the lord via The Passion of the Christ.

Needless to say, if we feel that way, imagine how Gibson feels. While Gibson was in Venice promoting his new pacifist war film, Hacksaw Ridge, he was asked about his relationship with Hollywood, says Variety, and his answer was one word; “Survival.” He was asked if he was better as both an actor and director when he was younger, which really, ouch. But he was able to steer the conversation back towards his new film and talked about presenting large-scale battles, like he had to do in Braveheart, which came in handy for Hacksaw Ridge.

“To give the impression of chaos and confusion, but to be absolutely clear what it is you want the audience to see and what you want to extract from the sequences. It’s all about screen direction. Knowing who the players are. You have to approach it like a sporting event.”

While it can be a bit difficult to sympathize with Mel Gibson at times considering all of his tabloid controversies, he’s still had a very successful career in Hollywood both in front of and behind the camera.

(Via Variety)