Miles Teller Felt Totally Out Of His League While Training For ‘Top Gun: Maverick’: I Was ‘Basically Getting Water Boarded’

As Top Gun: Maverick continues to shatter box office records, Miles Teller is opening up about his intense training for the Tom Cruise film. As everyone knows, Cruise goes hard for his films, and for Top Gun: Maverick that included getting actors up in real jets so the film wouldn’t have to rely on CGI effects. However, as Teller learned the hard way, that involved getting certified by the Navy in the event one of the planes went down over the water. A thing that could very well could happen.

During an interview with the About Last Night podcast, Teller described the underwater training, which he likened to being “water boarded.” According to Teller, he and the other cast mates were strapped into what’s called a “dunker” that simulates being trapped inside a fully submerged cockpit. It was not fun! Via Mediaite:

“So you’re upside down. So instead of climbing cross chairs like this, you’re upside down, you get out of your straps, which I think there was four. And then you’re climbing the seats like this and you’re blindfolded and you’re underwater and you’re upside down. So you’re basically getting water boarded,” he added.

“Jesus!” remarked [host Adam] Ray.

“I was like, dude, I’m an actor!” Teller laughed.

Naturally, the experience gave Teller a newfound experience for Cruise’s intensity, which he has no intention of ever trying to match. “No offense, Tom [Cruise], but like, you do you. Nobody else is in your lane, man” Teller quipped. “Gimme some comedy lines or something.”

(Via Mediaite)