You Can Finally Watch The ‘Lost’ Cut Of ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’ (The Best Christmas Movie?)

Most Christmas movies should only be viewed in December. Imagine watching It’s a Wonderful Life or The Polar Express in July? Madness. But The Muppet Christmas Carol is good year-round. It’s got the Muppets and a ridiculously committed Michael Caine doing a little jig — what more could you want from arguably the best Christmas movie?

You probably haven’t seen it as it was meant to be seen, however.

A scene where Ebenezer Scrooge (Caine) and Belle (Meredith Braun) sing a lovely Paul Williams-written song called “When Love is Gone” was cut from the theatrical version of The Muppet Christmas Carol because Disney felt it wouldn’t appeal to kids. The sequence appeared on the VHS, but was left off the DVD and Disney+ — until now.

At long last, The Muppet Christmas Carol is available to stream as its director Brian Henson (son of Muppets creator Jim Henson) always intended, with the song “When Love Is Gone” restored for the first time in high-definition widescreen. Henson had shared that the uncut version would debut in 4k on streamer Disney+ on December 11, but in an early Christmas gift, the full-length version of the holiday favorite was added December 9.

To find the “full-length version” of The Muppet Christmas Carol, head to the film’s page on Disney+ and click Extras. It appears there, along with a promo for the holiday classic. And always remember: light the lamp, not the rat.

(Via Playbill)