Olivia Colman Says She Was A Little Drunk When She Won Her Oscar

Movie awards seasons are rarely what anyone would describe as “fun,” but last year’s slog got a shot in the arm thanks to Olivia Colman. The English actress — who scored countless trophies for the renegade period piece The Favourite — was a reliable spark of joy at every ceremony and on every interview, giggly and hilarious everywhere she went. Turns out there’s one reason her much-loved Oscar speech was so delightfully discombobulated: She was a little bit tipsy. But then again, so are most people at the Oscars.

As noted by Entertainment Weekly, Colman went on The Graham Norton Show Friday to talk up the new season of The Crown, where she takes the reins from Claire Foy to play Queen Elizabeth II. Norton inevitably inquired about her memories delivering that charming speech.

“I actually can’t remember it,” she confessed. “The great thing about the Oscars is, there is a bar just behind (the auditorium) so everyone is there. There are hundreds of seat fillers so almost everybody is in the bar getting bladdered!”

During her speech, a touchingly humbled Colman appeared genuinely shocked that she beat out fellow nominees Glenn Close, Melissa McCarthy, Yalitza Aparicio, and Lady Gaga, whom she name-checked in a moment of genuine starstruck-ness. She also said to Close, “you’ve been my idol for so long and this is not how I wanted it to be.” At one moment she blurted out, “This is hilarious, I’ve got an Oscar!”

You can revisit Colman’s speech below:

(Via EW)