‘Parasite’ Is Benefiting From A Huge Post-Oscars Box Office Bump

Parasite come out last year on October 11, the same day as Gemini Man and The Addams Family. But while those films have been forgotten to all except the most loyal Redbox devotees, Bong Joon Ho’s Oscar-dominating masterpiece is still in theaters. Following the film’s shocking, well-deserved Best Picture win, indie distributor Neon will expand Parasite‘s “theater count in the United States this weekend to as many as 2,000 or more locations, double its current reach,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Every Best Picture winner gets a post-Oscars box office bump, but it’s usually not as dramatic as the one Parasite is benefitting from. “As of [end-of-day] Monday, advance ticket sales had jumped 443 percent week over week on Fandango,” Deadline reports. “On Monday, Parasite grossed $539K at 1,060 theaters, repping a 24 percent jump from Sunday’s take. The domestic cumulative now stands at $36 million.”

If estimates hold, Parasite, which has earned $175 million worldwide, will end up making $45 million at the domestic box office. That would make it the fourth highest-grossing foreign-language ever in the United States behind Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (a staggering $128.1 million), Life Is Beautiful ($57.2 million), and Hero ($53.7 million). It’s almost as if there’s an appetite for movies about income inequality. Can’t imagine why!

(Via Hollywood Reporter & Deadline)