Pete Davidson Is Teaming Up With The Director Of ‘The Purge’ For A Horror Film Set At A Sinister Retirement Home

Pete Davidson. Women adore him. The Academy Awards reportedly want him. He does a great Rami Malek, and vice versa. And now he’s making yet another perhaps unexpected life move: He’s doing a horror movie.

As per Deadline, the comic and actor is teaming up with James DeMonaco, best known as the guy who created the Purge series, for a horror thriller called The Home. Here’s how Deadline describes it:

Davidson will play Max, a troubled man who starts working at a retirement home and realizes its residents and caretakers harbor sinister secrets. As he investigates the building and its forbidden fourth floor, he starts to uncover connections to his own past and upbringing as a foster child.

His Judd Apatow movie The King of Staten Island aside, Davidson hasn’t ventured too far into the world of cinema. He didn’t make it terribly far into The Suicide Squad, the only movie he was in last year. So it will be interesting to see how he handles not only another major film role, but also a genre new to him. Given how strong he was in the Raging Bull-inspired SNL sketch that aired last month, where he played an older, washed-up version of himself, we think he can do it.

(Via Deadline)