‘Plane’ Perfect Gerard Butler Movie, Go See

When I first see poster for movie call Plane, I think self, “Now this guy know how make movie.”

Plane Poster

It just like back in school time. Teacher always say “keep simple, stupid.” Guy who make Plane seem like definite listen to teacher. Plane man make teacher proud. Plane movie no unnecessary part, just like title. Plane? Plane! Love when movie just like poster.

So, Gerard Butler play pilot. “Brodie Torrance” former RAF guy from Scotland. Always good when Gerard Butler get use normal accent. Scotland accent good! Just make all Gerard Butler character Scotland people, I always say. What harder, Gerard Butler do fake accent for whole movie, or write one line dialogue why Gerard Butler character Scotland? In Plane, first scene Gerard Butler character say “I’m from Scotland.” Perfect! All done! This scene first clue Plane maker smart.

(Also maybe true that Gerard Butler Scotland accent so water down now he need say “I’m from Scotland!” in beginning. That way you don’t spend whole movie wondering “what hell accent this supposed be?”)

So Brodie Torrance have dead wife. College daughter in Hawaii. Now he fly bad plane route because one time choke out unruly passenger. It New Year Eve. Brodie fly almost empty plane from Singapore-Tokyo. One guy on plane murderer in handcuffs on way to trial, play by Mike Colter. Mike Colter very handsome. You right away think, “This guy criminal, but maybe not so bad? Have nice face.”

Before take off, Gerard Butler notice big storm on route. He say “Hey, maybe we go around?” but plane boss say “No just go right over, you fine. Besides, straight line route save airplane gas. Airplane gas cost money. You think I made from money?”

Turn out, big storm bad for plane. Luckily, Brodie Torrance real good pilot. Like Sully if Sully have muscles and drink beer. Most of Plane take place after storm, among stranded plane passengers. Because this Gerard Butler movie, you know Gerard Butler beat people up. I try not spoil Plane by saying who get beat up by Gerard Butler, but you take my word, Gerard Butler beat people up. Nice face murder man? Guess what, he also with plane passenger. Turns out he been on run for 15 years, have secrets of own. Secrets that make him good for beat people up.

You know how sometimes you watch action movie and can’t see action? Camera move around, sound like people fight but can barely see? Plane not like that. Plane you see Gerard Butler fight, and even look like how Gerard Butler really fight. Punches look like hurt, and sometime he get tired. Fight better when look real!

Best character name Plane “David Scarsdale,” play by Tony Goldwyn. “David Scarsdale” big PR man handle crisis for airline. When you think “PR guy David Scarsdale” you probably think bad guy, guy in suit Gerard Butler beat up. ‘Member guy from Jurassic Park die on toilet? That kind character you think probably name “David Scarsdale.” But in Plane, PR guy David Scarsdale actually smart one! No BS, say smart thing guy. Always fun when movie surprise.

If this different star movie, maybe movie try explain who bad guy are. What bad guy want. Make you sympathize with bad guy. Have bad guy represent big story from newspaper. Plane not that kind movie. Remember Libyan from Back Future? Plane bad guy like that, mostly ride ’round on back of car with gun and yell. Bad guy try kill good guy, good guy fight back, very simple. Sometimes no need more think! Plane that kind movie.

Plane perfect movie for Gerard Butler solidify Gerard Butler brand action movie. Everyone know Gerard Butler not Daniel Day-Lewis, he even maybe not Bruce Willis, but Gerard Butler Gerard Butler, and sometimes Gerard Butler good. Gerard Butler more like ex-jock Harrison Ford after eight beer. He kind of guy probably show up all sweaty from hangover, but when bad thing happen he take two aspirin and fix it. How anyone not love Gerard Butler? He America sweaty stepdad.

‘Plane’ is playing now in theaters everywhere. Vince Mancini is on Twitter. You can read more of his reviews here.