‘Power Rangers’ Trailer Finally Shows The Rangers In Action

What we’ve seen of the upcoming Power Rangers movie has made it feel more like The Superhero Breakfast Club than the goofy show full of martial arts stuntwork and giant monsters everyone grew up with. But apparently, they were saving all that for the new trailer, which is pretty much an episode of the show with a much bigger effects budget.

Seriously, everything you remember from the show as a kid really is all here. Goons getting punched in the desert, rock monsters, Goldar, the unusually creepy Alpha 5 and Bryan Cranston as Zordon, who is now an animate wall instead of a dude in a hood green-screened onto a background, really all that’s missing is a PSA at the end of the trailer. Aside from a drug test gag, we fully expect the trailer to be easily recut with clips from the original show.

It’s nice they haven’t gone full grimdark here, as a concept like the Power Rangers could really only sustain a gritty reboot if it was rebuilt from the ground up. And arguably that’s unnecessary, because aren’t giant monster fights and stuntwork shot in cheap locations in the middle of nowhere what we want out of this movie? We’ll see how it comes together March 24th.

(Via YouTube)