The ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot’s Concept Art For Alpha 5 Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Between Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa, new suits not unlike Tony Stark’s design, and a suggestive look at the new Megazord thanks to a toy preview, Saban’s upcoming Power Rangers reboot is looking weird. Good and different and all that jazz, to be sure, but weird. Now thanks to an exclusive reveal over at IGN, the new film’s makeover for one of the original series’ classic supporting characters doesn’t seem to stray too far from the path outlined by its revealing predecessors.

Yes, that flying-saucer-caught-mid-ray-gun-firing with a body attached to it is the new Alpha 5. Or at least its one of the more prominent pieces of concept art for the character, which highlights the reboot’s “modern and organic look” while paying homage to the “familiar red and blue colors of the original design.” And considering what Saban previewed with the first gritty teaser back in October, the look makes perfect sense.

Then again, it’s also horrifying. You’d think the Power Rangers reboot would want to target a much younger demographic with its audience, but this Alpha 5 looks more like a malfunctioning prototype from one of Westworld‘s sister parks. Hopefully, the final design will look somewhat calmer, and with Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader providing the character with a new voice, maybe this iteration of Alpha 5 will come off as a kid-friendly version of Stefon.

(Via IGN)