A Spinoff (Not A Sequel) Of ‘A Quiet Place’ Is Happening With Lupita Nyong’o (!) In The Starring Role

Every movie eventually gets its own expanded universe if you try hard enough, which is exactly what John Krasinksi is doing with his A Quiet Place effort! Deadline reports that the next installment in the very silent franchise will be a spinoff titled A Quiet Place: Day One.

Day One will star Lupita Nyong’o (!) and is being packaged as a spinoff rather than a proper sequel. It doesn’t seem like Krasinksi or star Emily Blunt will make an appearance in this one, but you can never be too sure with this guy! Directing the movie will be Michael Sarnoski, director of Pig, AKA the guy who helped revitalize Nic Cage’s career.

It’s unclear what type of role Nyong’o will have, though the “day one” seems to hint at a prequel or origin story of those pesky monsters who hate sounds. Krasinksi is set to produce alongside Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller. It seems like this will be the next movie universe that gets all of those fun theme park rides and various multiverse plotlines. Eventually, every movie will be in the same universe! Just like real life.

To be clear: this spinoff is not to be confused with the third installment in the franchise, which is still expected to be directed by Krasinksi and aims for a 2025 release. This is a pretty big deal for a movie that was completely sidelined by the COVID pandemic. Who could forget those March 2020 A Quiet Place Part II billboards that stayed up in Queens for 14 months? Clearly not me!

(Via Deadline)