Here’s How A ‘Rambo’ Reboot Could Work Without Sylvester Stallone

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There have been many twists and turns for Rambo since he returned to theaters in January 2008. The reboot for Rambo followed Rocky Balboa as a return to form for Sylvester Stallone and there were rumored plans for another Rambo film set on some different turf than we’ve seen in the other films and even a possible TV show with Rambo and son taking out America’s enemies together.

All of that is in the garbage now it is seems according to a new exclusive over at The Hollywood Reporter and Stallone will not be returning as Rambo. But that doesn’t mean Rambo isn’t going to make a comeback without him. A new reboot is reportedly in the works that will feature a younger Rambo:

Titled Rambo: New Blood, the new reboot would not see Stallone return as the action hero, like he did in Millennium’s 2008 outting, but would see a younger actor inhabit the role. The company is looking at Rambo as a character akin to James Bond.

Rambo was the lead character in a 1972 novel by David Morrell titled First Blood. Hollywood adapted the book into the hit 1982 movie that starred Stallone in a story that despite its action trappings looked at issues facing disaffected Vietnam War vets. (It also veered from the book by having its protagonist live at the end of the story.)

No plot details were given for the new film as the project is still in early development.

McLaren has been working steadily in the action sphere since writing How It Ends, a post-apocalyptic survival tale which was on the 2010 Black List.

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