‘RoboCop Returns’ Director Neill Blomkamp Reveals Which Version Of The Suit His Film Will Feature


Aside from original franchise actor Peter Weller’s awkward appearance in a few KFC commercials, we haven’t heard too much about District 9 director Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming RoboCop Returns. Yes, Blomkamp is directing the “revival” of Paul Verhoeven’s satirical ’80s masterpiece, and yes, the film’s writers are using particular elements from the original film and from an unused sequel script titled RoboCop 2: The Corporate Wars. Aside from these bits, however, Blomkamp and company have revealed next to nothing… until now.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Blomkamp let slip a few nuggets about the pre-production process on Twitter over the weekend. Specifically, when the director was asked if the “original suit” from the first film (and its sequels) would be used, he said yes:

Blomkamp didn’t dig into any details regarding the suit, but considering just how different android cop’s look was in the 2014 remake, that the “original” look is being used is enough to differentiate the two. (It’s also plenty to get nervous fans on the side of the upcoming film.)

Otherwise, the director provided a simple update regarding the production’s status:

Since RoboCop Returns is still in the scripting stage, don’t hold your breath for its arrival on the big screen anytime soon. Blomkamp’s spiritual sequel to Verhoeven’s original film in the series probably won’t even begin shooting until sometime next year — if that.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)