Russell Crowe Might Be The Latest Name Joining The ‘Mummy’ Reboot

News about Tom Cruise’s big snazzy reboot of The Mummy continues to trickle out, and the latest report has an Academy Award winner potentially joining the project. Not only that, but this thespian might also be playing a familiar brand of character.

According to Variety, Russell Crowe is in early talks to join the would-be blockbuster which is earmarked for a June 9, 2017 release. The L.A. Confidential star is being eyed for a “Dr. Jekyll-type role” and would presumably see the character spun-off into its own standalone film. Factor in the speculation that Johnny Depp’s take on the Invisible Man could cameo in The Mummy and there’s clearly a lot riding on this stage of Universal’s monster universe rollout.

If Crowe does officially join The Great Mummy Redo of 2017, he’ll be joining a cast that includes Cruise, Kingsman henchwoman Sofia Boutella, and American Crime Story Cochran-portrayer Courtney B. Vance. Star Trek co-writer/executive producer Alex Kurtzman will be directing the motion picture with Prometheus co-writer Jon Spaihts tackling the script.

Even if Crowe doesn’t join the project, we’d like still like to thank the man for allowing us imagine assorted Crowe-penned Universal movie monster soundtrack offerings and a universe where the actor might consider doing more remakes of Brendan Fraser films. Crowe could start with Encino Man and see where the journey takes him. To Monkeybone? Sure, why not?

(Via Variety)