Ryan Reynolds Coaxed Rick Moranis Out Of Retirement For A Very Awkward Commercial

Earlier this year, Rick Moranis decided to officially end his retirement with a new Honey, I Shrunk The Kids movie (after sitting out multiple Ghostbusters opportunities), but given that the announcement dropped in February, those wheels probably aren’t turning too swiftly. Ryan Reynolds knows how to seize an opportunity, so he decided to nab Moranis for a sorta-preview event in the form of a Mint Mobile ad. The cellular company is one of Reynolds’ many investments, and he recently launched the “world’s most affordable” (and short-lived) streaming service to that end.

Now, we can take a look at Reynolds hanging out with Moranis while they promote Mint Mobile’s new unlimited plan. Reynolds uses their onscreen time to liken Moranis prolonged disappearance from the public eye to the cell company’s lack of an unlimited option. Until now.

Yes, it’s awkward, and intentionally so, but it’s good to see the 1980s mainstay, and fans of Spaceballs in particular should enjoy the absurdity of him making a return in this fashion. However, Reynolds is savvy enough in most cases, other than, you know, that plantation wedding, which he truly now knows was a “giant f*cking mistake.” It’s a nice way to tide over people who still hold a place in their heart for Rick Moranis, until he joins with Josh Gad, who will play his son (who also, you know, shrinks his kids) in the eventual Honey, I Shrunk The Kids followup.