Screen Gems Is Developing A Slender Man Horror Film


Slender Man is perhaps one of the few myths to arise from the internet era. In a way, it seems a bit ridiculous that in an age of information, where a few clicks can give way to all of the world’s knowledge, that something as ridiculous as the Slender Man took hold. This isn’t like the ’90s or early ’00s where the internet was the wild west. The internet of old led way to stuff like people believing that Blair Witch was somehow maybe a real thing and believing that John Titor may have actually been a time traveler sent back in time to warn us all of a world war.

Yet we still have a selection of people who scour the internet and want to believe. Conspiracy theories have been a mainstay of the internet, from talk of jet fuel’s inability to melt steel beams to the more obscure. The more obscure would be Slender Man. While a part of me would like to believe that nobody actually believes in the Slender Man, it’s still difficult to explain why a few years ago two tween girls attempted to murder a classmate as an offering for the Slender Man. Well look, my logical mind tells me that they were just tween girls and that stuff went too far so they pulled a crazy defense out, but who am I to judge?

But according to the insanity won’t be ending any time soon. The creation of a  SomethingAwful forum experiment is being made into a motion picture thanks to Screen Gems, looking to start production in late 2016 for a 2017 release.