Norman Reedus And Diane Kruger Fall In Love In The ‘Sky’ Trailer

Norman Reedus is the most popular character in TV’s most popular show, but he, like many of his fellow Walking Dead castmates, hasn’t been able to translate small-screen success into big-screen blockbusters. Air came and went with little notice, The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day was a years-too-late sequel to a movie that didn’t deserve one in the first place, and he only had a bit part in Vacation. Sky, co-starring the wonderful Diane Kruger (of the late, great The Bridge), won’t be a big hit, but it looks like a nice showcase for Reedus’ subtle acting. He gets a lot of milage out of sullen glances.

Fabienne Berthaud’s drama is about a woman (Kruger) who accidentally kills her husband (Gilles Lellouche) and hits the road. She heads west, to Las Vegas and California, and eventually meets Diego (Reedus), “with whom she finds the possibility of new love,” according to the official plot description. He also rocks a cowboy hat like no one’s business. Lena Dunham and Joshua Jackson appear in Sky, as well, which is where those “Diane Kruger cheated on Pacey Witter with Daryl Dixon” rumors came from.

They turned out to be bull. Kruger will only run away with Reedus in Sky, and once a week while watching Ride with Norman Reedus.