A ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Trailer Revealed There’s A Baby Sonic, Too

The Internet has lost its mind about Baby Yoda as 2019 wound down and The Mandalorian‘s first season chronicled The Child’s story on Disney+, but another very meme-able pop culture entity may be coming for its crown.

While far from the first young version of a notable character to appear on pop culture, something about the unnamed young creature of the same species as Yoda from Star Wars has captured the hearts and meme-making minds of untold thousands. Another meme moment from 2019, though, came by the way of a disturbing character reveal for Sonic the Hedgehog from its upcoming movie.

The reaction to its first trailer made the studio behind the movie redesign the character itself, delaying the movie in the process. And it seems a trailer for that now-2020 release includes a baby Sonic character, too.

You can watch the trailer above, which starts with a Japanese voiceover and shows a scene that looks a lot like a Green Hill Zone with Sonic racing through it.


That might be nostalgic enough to get people in theaters alone, much like seeing a city with Pokemon in it brought out the masses for Detective Pikachu. But it also might help that an admittedly cute Baby Sonic seems to pop up here as well.


A superfast baby hedgehog with a flower in hand? All Baby Yoda can do is use the force and maybe steal ship supplies or something, right? Advantage Baby Sonic.