Has The Title Of ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Been Revealed In This Trademark Filing?

Could the closely guarded mysteries of intergalactic conflict be up for display in the world of European copyright acquisitions? Recent digging suggests yes and that may be a big deal for Star Wars obsessives. And, uh, space tyrants, we guess.

Eyebrows are being raised in theatrical fashion over a recent European Union copyright filing dug up at AVS Forum. The copyright attempted? Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, which sounds like the sort of direction the 8th episode of space opera might go on. It also might beckon false hope to the stoner community that a Tenacious D crossover is in the works. It isn’t, but this trademark business doesn’t have a direct answer, so there’s no end to the other marketing avenues this Forces of Destiny moniker could travel in.

One element that seems to particularly connect the dots between Episode VIII and this title is the timing. Rogue One is nearly upon us and Rian Johnson’s 2017 entry into the series seems due for a beefier title sooner rather than later. Or maybe we’re looking a bit too hard at something that might be a Star Wars Choose Your Own Adventure title exclusively for Finnish audiences. We await your answer, ridiculously successful franchise.

(Via AVS Forum)