Experience The Wonders Of A Century Of Stop Motion Animation In Three Mesmerizing Minutes

Stop-motion animation has come a long way. Considering the glacial pace it can take to get these projects done, the amount of progress made in the medium is pretty impressive.

A dazzling new video from Vugar Efendi has emerged showcasing the incredible achievements made in stop-motion in over a century of existence. Early breakthroughs like J. Stuart Blackton’s 1900 offering The Enchanted Darling are given some shine, same with more modern fare like this summer’s critically adored Kubo and the Two Strings. Sure, some of the visuals seem a little silly in 2016, but it’s not like CGI has always held up its end of the bargain, either.

From monsters (both furry and scaly) to robots to distractions from a galaxy far, far away, this mesmerizing clip manages to pack in an awful lot in a tidy three minutes. If you have complicated body feelings about The Fantastic Mr. Fox, this journey will stir that up all the more. Check out the whole thing in full (which is a good way to check out things) and have a think if you’d like to see stop-motion Kong battle Skull Island Kong for some sort of enormous ape championship. Get to it, Earth’s enormous novelty belt makers.

(Via IndieWire)