‘Stranger Things’ Actor Finn Wolfhard Fires His Agent After Accusations Of Sexual Assault Against Other Young Actors

Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard is parting ways with agency after allegations surfaced about his (now former) agent allegedly assaulting and harassing clients.

According to The Hollywood Reporter>, Wolfhard has fired prominent APA agent Tyler Grasham after a number of claims that Graham sexually assaulted or acted inappropriately with young male actors. Two men have come forward alleging that Grasham assaulted them. THR‘s sources say Wolfhard left the agency in response to the claims levelled at his representation.

Actor-turned-filmmaker Blaise Godbe Lipman spoke about a Facebook “poke” he says he received from Grasham after sharing a name-free story about the abuse he experienced.

“We haven’t had any correspondence in a decade, and aren’t friends on FB, yet today, out of the blue, he “pokes” me,” he wrote. “He must have been made aware of the post by one of our many mutuals. Was his poke passive aggressive? An abuser making himself known, a quiet threat? An admission of guilt with a smirky, ‘just try me’ ? I don’t know and I don’t care. It felt gross.”

Grasham is currently “on leave” from the agency.

Harvey Weinstein’s swift fall into public disgrace has reignited a long overdue conversation regarding power, abuse and harassment in the workplace. Whether or not that conversation continues in the coming months is still to be determined.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter & Deadline)