Jared Leto Asked Grant Morrison For Advice On Playing The Joker In ‘Suicide Squad’

Much has been made about Jared Leto’s method acting on the set of Suicide Squad, but we haven’t heard much about what his influences are for the character. Besides a few seconds of footage and set videos and a couple of Juggalo-esque promo photos, we have little idea what tone he’s going to set (hopefully not “Juggalo-esque”). So, perhaps it should be reassuring that Leto reportedly sought advice from Grant Morrison, whose influence on Batman canon can’t be overstated.

Grant Morrison spoke candidly about Jared Leto’s Joker in an interview in Comic Heroes Issue 25, releasing October 9, as revealed by Games Radar:

“It looks quite interesting.” Morrison said when he sat down with Comic Heroes to talk about his new Santa­ ­­superhero comic, Klaus. “[Leto] called me to talk about his approach to the character and I steered him in a few directions. I’m keen to see if anything other than slicked back hair and the Marilyn Manson vibe made it into his performance.”

Morrison doesn’t hide what he’s thinking, that’s for sure. Speaking of which, he also said he hasn’t seen any great superhero movies in awhile, adding that “it’s time they made Miracleman, Enigma, Flex Mentallo or something else that’s a bit more challenging.”

We’d be down for a Detective Chimp movie.

(Via Games Radar)