An Irate ‘Suicide Squad’ Audience Member Is Threatening To Sue For Joker ‘False Advertising’

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08.09.16 25 Comments

Suicide Squad opened last weekend, breaking records for an August release, but at least one guy and his brother (who is a lawyer) are so mad about the movie they intend to sue. Their complaint comes down to noted edgelord Jared Leto being barely in the film despite all the deleted scenes used for the trailers. Using deleted scenes to spice up a trailer is nothing new, although some movies like Fantastic Four have come under fire for the practice. And now — if Redditor “BlackPanther2016” isn’t just an elaborate ruse — this trailer practice may earn a silly lawsuit for “false advertising” in the U.K. court system.

This guy claims his case has already been accepted by the court and goes forward this Thursday. “My brother (who is a lawyer) and I are going to sue WB and DC for false advertising, misleading visual images and gaining a profit from us and millions others due to these acts,” he claims. Then he goes on a rant in which he claims he had to drive 300 miles to London from Scotland to see the movie and that the employees of the theater laughed at him (causing “trauma”) when he asked for a refund. Oh, you sweet baby angel.

Here’s the full long-winded thing, which we hope is a joke but fear may not be:

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