‘Suicide Squad’ Lands Gary Sinise, And May Have Found Deathstroke

s_bukley /

Warners is wasting no time looking for actors in Suicide Squad. While they’re trying to recast Tom Hardy’s role, they’re also looking for a Deathstroke and have caught up with Lieutenant Dan. Here’s a breakdown of the latest.

First off, it’s been confirmed that Gary Sinise has a role in the movie. It was going around that he was going to play General Wade Eiling, the antagonist of our merry band of super-villains, but apparently that’s incorrect. Cinema Blend’s source says Sinise probably isn’t playing Eiling or Deathstroke.

On the “replacing Tom Hardy” front, apparently Joel Edgerton and Jon Bernthal are in the mix. Of the two, Bernthal’s more likely; he’s already worked with the director on an ensemble movie. But, hey, nothing’s cast until we hear about it.

Finally, there’s word that, yes, Deathstroke will be in the movie. Apparently Warners is considering Joe Manganiello, who certainly has the stripper moves. Regardless, though, that’s an interesting tidbit of information, especially since Deathstroke is a fan favorite and may be the subject of his own spin-off.

If nothing else, it tells us Warners really wants this to be a hit; they’re really packing the cast at this point. Most curious is the mystery role of Gary Sinise. Maybe they’ll make him a scrub villain who dies in the first five minutes?