‘Suicide Squad’ Adds Clint Eastwood’s Son And A ‘Resident Evil’ Veteran


Suicide Squad begins production this month, and thus, we’re in the home stretch for casting. And two interesting casting notices have come down the pike.

First up, Ray Olubowale, a Canadian heavyweight boxer, has been cast in the movie. Olubowale, when he’s not in the ring, has a side job as the heavy in movies. For example, he was the Axeman in the last few Resident Evil movies.

The other cast member is Scott Eastwood, and yes, he’s Clint’s son. Despite what you might think, he’s had gigs outside of his dad’s movies, and in fact has worked with David Ayer before. Being that Ayer seemingly prefers to work with actors he’s already dealt with, one imagines that’s why Eastwood is on the set.

As for what roles they’re playing, that’s under wraps, but we can assume they’re not huge parts, considering the movie basically shoots next week. Still, we can speculate: I’m kind of hoping Ambush Bug shows up, myself.