Sydney Sweeney’s New Horror Movie Features Her ‘Most Unhinged Performance’ According To The Director

Despite becoming the next rom-com icon, Sydney Sweeney has been in her fair share of spooky flicks over the years. In the last three years alone she starred in a handful of horror movies, including Nocturne, The Voyeurs, and the vampire flick Night Teeth. And who could forget the terrifying Madame Web? Though that movie was scary for a different reason.

Sweeney stars in the upcoming horror film Immaculate as Celia, a young American nun invited to the Italian countryside to join a new convent. While things seem fine at first, it is soon revealed that Celia is pregnant, and the women of the convent become suspicious of Celia’s mysterious past. Celia’s life begins to unravel, and director Michael Mohan says that Sweeney gives an astounding performance.

Mohan told Total Film, “In our film, the terror is about something very real and deep and personal and raw,” Mohan shared, but you have to get to the end in order to see Sweeney’s true scream queen moment. “The last two minutes of this film – it is the most unhinged performance Sydney has ever given. It fully establishes her in the pantheon of scream queens. Like, no doubt,” he teased. Considering Sweeney’s iconically unhinged Euphoria bathroom moment, the bar is extremely high, but there seems to be an equally distressing bathroom scene in this tale, too.

Immaculate hits theaters on March 22nd, and Sweeney will host Saturday Night Live this weekend. Despite popular belief, this woman knows how to work!

(Via Total Film)